From Brock Haney With Love Fund

“To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die”
Thomas Campbell

On February 4, 2016 Brock Haney, a member of our Lambda North family and a loving and vibrant brother and son of the Haney family passed away. It is the wish of the Haney Family to create the “From Brock With Love Fund” as a memorial fund in celebration of Brock’s life and his contribution to our GLBT recovery community at Lambda North. The fund will be a restricted fund used to assist GLBT members in recovery to attend and participate in sobriety events and activities they may not otherwise get to experience due to financial constraints. Anyone who knew Brock would agree this truly captures his essence. Brock was always about helping out. In this small way, we can ensure that Brock’s death was not in vain and partner with Brock in helping another in need.

Kevin Owens
Lambda North Board of Directors


View the new release by Beebe Kinnga Bottoms, Norma Jean Martine. Norma Jean has joined with Lambda North in supporting the From Brock With Love Fund. As you may know Brock was an active member of Lambda North who recently passed away. She was a close personal friend of Brock and is committed to our cause in helping those in the GLBT community who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. In the video is a scene with Brock’s parents letting go of a black balloon to raise awareness for addiction and the pain of overdose. Visit our web page to make a donation to the From Brock Haney With Love Fund. Enjoy the video! Thank you Beebe for your efforts in Brock’s memory and for Lambda North.


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to accept the things we cannot change
courage to change the things we can
and wisdom to know the difference

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